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Judith Susskind of Sommers Schwartz, P.C. Garners Prestigious Accolades in the 2023 Michigan Super Lawyers Selection

Oct 4, 2023

Detroit, Michigan – In a sphere where superiority is expected, Judith Susskind has unmistakably set herself as an exemplar of legal brilliance. Susskind not only made her debut in the exclusive “Top 10: Michigan Super Lawyers” list but also marked her third appearance in the “Top 100: Michigan Super Lawyers” and her seventh presence in the “Top 50: Women Michigan Super Lawyers”.

With these impressive accomplishments, Susskind continues to raise the standard of excellence at Sommers Schwartz, P.C., a prominent law firm in Detroit, MI. Her impressive record of success and unwavering commitment to her clients has earned her a distinguished place among Michigan’s legal luminaries.

Susskind’s entrance into the “Top 10: Michigan Super Lawyers” list is a testament to her outstanding talent and persistent dedication to justice. This elite list commends the top ten lawyers in the state, positioning Susskind amongst the uppermost tier of her profession.

Additionally, her third-time presence in the “Top 100: Michigan Super Lawyers” underscores her consistently high performance and unparalleled proficiency in her practice areas. It is recognition reserved for attorneys who have shown excellent performance and made influential contributions to their field.

Moreover, Susskind’s seventh inclusion in the “Top 50: Women Michigan Super Lawyers” highlights her pioneering role as a woman in the legal profession, her relentless pursuit of justice, and her unwavering commitment to her clients.

Sommers Schwartz, P.C. is immensely proud of Judith Susskind and her extraordinary achievements. Her dedication to her clients, her tireless work ethic, and her exemplary legal skills continue to inspire her colleagues and bring prestige to the firm.

As she continues to progress in the legal profession, Judith Susskind proves that she is more than an attorney; she’s a standard-bearer of excellence in the field of law. Her accolades are a testament to her capabilities and the high regard in which she is held by her peers. As a part of Sommers Schwartz, P.C., her achievements reiterate the firm’s commitment to providing superior legal services to its clients.

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